The journey so far…..

The Good Shepherd Home is focused on the love, care and motivation of elderly people, a section that is slowly being isolated, discarded and abused. Hence we are doing what was taught to us by our Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ.

We have also started a corrective mission — to promote the idea that The Youth must plan to care for their own Elderly, based on the fifth commandment– our team of 12 / 15 persons go to educational institutes challenging them to look after their parents / grand parents, Thus promoting the relationship between The Youth and The Elderly — the only remedy to meet this challenge.

We pray and work to make this a national / international concern and seek your co-operation and support. We briefly give below the tiny footsteps we have taken towards accomplishing them:

  1. Established many years ago ( 02.02.02 )
  2. Registered as a Trust. No.758 dated 16.04.2002.
  3. Trust taken care of fourteen elderly so far.
  4. Trust completed 55 programs
  5. Trust completed 6 programs in educational institutes out of M.P.
  6. 18,000 students taken a Pledge to always look after their parents / elders.
  7. All audit reports completed.
  8. Procured 80G Certification from Income Tax Dept.
  9. Procured 12A Certification from Income Tax Dept.
  10. Purchased 1.15 Acres (45,000 Sq.ft) land for a comfort zone for our dear old ones.
  11. Barbed Wire fencing completed.
  12. Boring for water completed.
  13. Submersible pump installed and successfully commissioned.
  14. Preliminary proposed building construction drawings completed.
  15. Bank a/c opened No: 12340100107115 ( IFS Code No.FDRL0001234 ) at The Federal Bank in Indore, M.P.
  16. Building estimate completed. Shows four phases of Rs 30 + 30 + 20 + 20 Lacs each.
  17. Estimated time is 6 months per phase & subject to availability of funds.
  18. Present bank balance: Rs.80, 000/= (eighty thousand) only.

We will be happy to provide any additional information that you require. Welcoming you to join hands and make this a certainty. A place for our dear elderly ones. Lets do this with lots of love, as if for our parents or in memory of their kindness to us !!


With kind regards,

Allan Besterwitch : Managing Trustee