About us

Old Age and The Elderly have always been highly respected and accommodated words, but in the recent times one can experience a distinct change in the attitude toward The Elderly and Old Age. And if no corrective action is taken, the end result will be a sad tomorrow – both for The Elderly and then The Youth.

The increase in the number of old age homes certainly does not send out a hopeful message and does not speak well of our mind-set toward The Elderly who are the architects and builders of the world we now live in.

But merely criticizing and complaining will never solve the crisis.

The Good Shepherd Home (TGSH) is a registered Trust in existence since February 2002. The main activity is to love, care and motivate The Elderly –a section that is slowly being isolated and neglected – the reason we began this journey. We have so far taken care of fourteen elderly persons.

Good Shepherd is a name used to refer to the Lord Jesus Christ who not only taught on the practice of love but also demonstrated His love for all by dying on the cross.

The Good Shepherd Home (TGSH) has taken up the mission to promote the relationship between The Elderly and The Youth, as we believe that making The Youth aware of their responsibility toward their parents and elders is the only way of addressing this challenge. With this mission in mind, the team members visit educational institutions with their challenge program entitled “Old-Age – Your Concern”. The program concludes with The Youth voluntary taking a written pledge to look after their parents & elders both now and when they are old.

                                      TGSH is proud to mention the completion of its 55th. program.

TGSH and its team members, – fifty in total – are of the firm opinion that the promotion and popularization of old age homes are not a solution in itself, -old age homes are definitely good for those Elders who are unmarried or those who are married but have no children. What we discourage is the thoughtless promotion and popularization and dumping of parents in old age homes. Old age home is NOT the dream destination of our parents!!

We invite everyone to join in this mission.

We give God Almighty all the honor and glory as we invite you to update yourself with our activities as we prayerfully seek partnership with individuals / organizations in our future plans and activities.