Advancing The Power Of Elderly People

Fill their lives with love, care, respect, joy and give them the support at every step of their re-tyre (d) life.


Give respect, love & care

We pledge to love, serve and care for The Elderly. We shall encourage and make every effort to promote the relationship with The Youth. We shall encourage The Youth to under take their responsibility of caring for their parents and elders.


Be ready to help always

Help and love is as important as medicines. In our relationship if you have love and are ready to help the elderly the relations between the Elderly and the Youth will always grow.They need the help,support and cooperation of the youth!


Encourage their enthusiasm

We shall encourage their enthusiasm towords their life.We shall conduct interactive programs at educational institutes and corporate levels, between the Elderly and the Youth to value and understand the importance of supporting each other.


Realize their importance

We should always try to realize their importance in our life.We should always realize the need of them so that they can live their life more happily because they are the ones who made us what we are.